A beautiful city built for defence

Another first for us on a Mediterranean voyage was the port of call of Valletta, Malta. We were excited about the prospect to visit Malta for the first time and by the look of the early morning weather on the approach to the Mediterranean island we were in for a lovely day, indeed.

Walking tour of Valletta

Our bus took us near the area of Upper Barrakka Gardens to let us out to begin the day's tour. From here on the touring would be on foot. It was just a short walk to reach the gardens that are an attractive public space with what turned out to be wonderful panoramic views of the Valletta’s Grand Harbour below the elevated gardens. The gardens are on the upper tier of the two tiered St Peter and St Paul Bastion - part of that impressive fortification of Valletta that dates back to the 16th century. It has been open to the public since 1800.

Azamazing Evening

Following the tour of the Mediterranean Conference Centre and some time to take in the lovely harbour views from this vantage point we walked to where our bus was waiting to take us back to Azamara Quest. With the planned evening event we had thought to have an early dinner and for this night they had scheduled an early dinner buffet in the main Discoveries dining room. It worked well with how the timing would be for the evening’s entertainment branded as an Azamazing Evening.

Valletta Image Gallery

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