Our first visit to Sardinia

After our day In Valletta, Malta we enjoyed a relaxing day at sea on Azamara Quest as we sailed to the next destination of Olbia Sardinia. It was nice to take it easy for a day at this point in the trip. It set us up nicely for a fresh day of touring with our scheduled arrival time in Olbia of 8:00am. We were up early for breakfast in Windows’s Café by 7:00am after which we had time to watch the ship’s arrival into Olbia. The only downside to the day was an expectation of rain and a high only in the low 20s for our first visit to Sardinia. It didn’t seem that way as we approached Olbia under a nice blue sky in the early morning.

Costa Smeralda

In the lead up to this cruise it took us quite a bit of time to decide what to do while in Sardinia, but in the end we agreed on taking a tour labelled as the Emerald Coast Highlights. The focus was on the natural beauty of the famed Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast).

Being docked always sped up the process leaving the ship, so it was nice that Azamara Quest was docked in Olbia. By the looks of things it appeared that Olbia had a pretty active port. At this point in the day we were the only cruise ship in port but there were plenty of large ferries to keep Azamara Quest company.

Back on Azamara Quest

Once back onboard Azamara Quest we made our way to the Living Room for some tapas and drinks before heading back to our room to relax a bit before dinner.

Olbia Image Gallery

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