Monaco Image Gallery 4

Here are a few more of our photos from the 2018 Grand Prix Historique of Monaco. You can access the other galleries in this set by using the 'More Monaco Galleries' links at the bottom of the page.

Series A (Pre-war): 1937 ERA R1B
Series G (1974-1980): 1979 Ensign N179
Series D (1961-1965): 1962 Brabham BT3 (Climax) ahead of a 1964 Ferrari 1512 and a 1961 Cooper T53 (Climax)
Series B (Pre 1961): 1953 Cooper-Bristol T23 Mk2
Series C (1952-1957 Sports Racing cars): 1955 Cooper-Jaguar T38 Mk2
Series G (1974-1980): 1980 Arrows A3
Series E (1966-1972):  A crashed 1971 Surtees TS9B being lifted onto a flatbead truck
Series B (Pre 1961): 1954 Maserati 250F
Series G (1974-1980): Frederic Lajoux blaming a fellow driver for the crash of his 1978 Arrows A1
Series G (1974-1980): 1980 ATS D4 passing the marshals trying to clear the crashed 1978 Arrows A1
Series D (1961-1965): 1961 Lotus 21 (Climax)
Josh Hill driving his grandfather's 1968 Lotus 49B in the F1 Heritage Parade
Series D (1961-1965): 1961 Lotus 18 (Climax) ahead of a 1961 Cooper T56 (Climax) exiting turn 13
Series F (1973-1976): 1976 McLaren M26 driven by former F1 driver Eddie Irvine in the F1 Heritage Parade
One of the Automobile Club de Monaco Marshals
Series G (1974-1980): 1979 Lotus 80
Series D (1961-1965): 1964 Ferrari 1512
Series F (1973-1976): 1975 Williams FW05 driven by former F1 driver Karun Chandhok in the F1 Heritage Parade

More Monaco Galleries

We have a few more photos from the Grand Prix Historique of Monaco that you can access via the links below.

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