Beautiful Amalfi

The first port of call for this Mediterranean cruise was the beautiful Italian town of Amalfi. We'd been in this general area of Italy before, but it would be our first visit to Amalfi itself. We were very much looking forward to this port of call. The only down side to the day was that it started out cloudy. There was hope that the conditions would improve as the day continued.

Amalfi Lemon Experience

After the short tender ride from Azamara Quest to shore we met up with our tour guide who started by giving us a brief history lesson of the region dating back to the 6th century when Amalfi began to exert itself as a maritime power. From the port area we walked past an interesting mosaic highlight Amalfi's historical significance on our way through some small streets leading to the town's central square dominated by the Amalfi Cathedral (also known as Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea or Duomo di Amalfi) raised above the square with a wide staircase leading to the Cathedral. We had a bit of time to take in the scenery of the piazza before being transported in golf carts to the lemon farm.

Walking tour of Amalfi

The Limoncello tasting concluded the tour although our guide offered to take anyone interested back to the ship. We set off by ourselves to stroll down hill along the Via delle Cartiere - the same road that we had travelled up hill via golf cart. It was nice to be able to check out some of the local shops the lined the narrow street and we did come across the shop that Salvatore had mentioned carried their Limoncello. Theirs and quite a few others it seemed. We purchased some for ourselves and to take home as gifts.

Back to Azamara Quest

As the afternoon drew later we thought of stopping somewhere for a drink and a bit of relaxation. We settled on Gran Caffè Amalfi. The service wasn’t great, but the location provided great views along the coast as we enjoyed some Spritzes and some accompanying snacks. It made for a nice respite. We strolled a bit more for the late afternoon to take in more of the beautiful scenery until we figured it was time to head back to the ship.

Amalfi Image Gallery

Morning view of Amalfi from our veranda on Azamara Quest
Duomo di Amalfi viewed from Piazza del Duomo
View from the Aceto Lemon Farm
Amalfi Lemons
Looking out over the town from the Aceto Lemon Farm
Duomo di Amalfi (Amalfi Cathedral)
Inside the Duomo di Amalfi
Piazza del Duomo viewed from outside Duomo di Amalfi
Azamara Quest anchored off the coast of Amalfi
Gran Caffè Amalfi - great spot for an afternoon drink
Linda at Gran Caffè Amalfi
Azamara Quest anchored off the coast of Amalfi
Beautiful view along the coast of Amalfi
Along the coast of Amalfi
Walking along the coastal road of Amalfi
Duomo di Amalfi dominating the town of Amalfi
The bell tower of Duomo di Amalfi
Evening view of Amalfi from Azamara Quest
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