Greek Isles & Adriatic Voyage
Sunday June 26, 2016

A return to this romantic Greek Island

Azamara Journey was due to arrive in Santorini at 7:00am, so in preparation for the early start to the day we planned on having breakfast in our room rather than head up to Windows Café. The server arrived at 6:50am with the food and we enjoyed a nice breakfast on our balcony to start this day. The day was starting out a bit grey and cloudy but was certainly warm enough even in the early morning.

Akrotiri, Prehistoric Thira Museum & Fira

We had been to Santorini twice before, so the challenge for this trip was to plan something a bit different. Our choice was a morning tour of the archaeological site of Akrotiri. With the assistance of hindsight now we can say we made a great choice - but let's not get ahead of the day's story.

Santorini Image Gallery

Morning approach to Santorini
Looking towards Fira from Azamara Journey
Skala Port
The archaeological site Akrotiri
Some of the pottery at Akrotiri
View of the Santorini Caldera from near Akrotiri
One of the iconic blue domed rooves of Santorini
Some of the frescoes from Akrotiri on display at the Prehistoric Thira Museum
One of the views from our lunch spot in Santorini
Fira with Oia off in the distance
Looking down on Azamara Journey anchored in Santorini
A view across the cliff face of Santorini
Looking down on Skala Port
Azamara Journey anchored in Santorini
Fira, Santorini
The donkey path between Skala Port & Fira
Skala Port viewed from a tender boat heading back to Azamara Journey
Eerie nightime view of Santorini
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