The Island of the Winds

Azamara Journey's arrival in Mykonos was scheduled for 8:00am, so we planned to be up early enough to watch as we approached this pretty Greek island in the Cyclades of the South Aegean.

We could feel the motion of the sea as we awoke around 6:30am and when we went out on the open deck we were greeted by some strong winds. Some of the staff were quickly trying to secure the cushions for the chaise lounges located around the pool. Any cushions not tied down were taking flight. We could certainly see and feel how Mykonos got its nickname of 'The Island of the Winds'.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Kalfatis Beach, Ano Mera & Mykonos Town

On our previous trip to Mykonos in 2009 we had made the trip to the island of Delos (the historical centre of the Cyclades archipelago and birthplace of the mythological Greek gods Apollo & Artemis) so we weren't thinking to repeat that experience even as good as it had been - and so instead for this time we decided on a trip to the village of Ano Mera near the middle of the island.

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