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Friday July 1, 2016

Celebrating Canada Day in Dubrovnik

July 1 - Canada Day; our nation's 149th birthday. We were about 7400km away from home for this birthday celebration with a scheduled 8:00am arrival time in Dubrovnik, Croatia to start our day. This would be the second time in recent memory that we have celebrated Canada Day out of the country - the previous time being in Warnemunde & Berlin in 2010.

Cable Car, walking the walls and the Grabovac Wine Spot

On our previous visit to Dubrovnik in 2006 we had docked in the port of Gruž located about 3.25km northwest of Dubrovnik. Docking would usually be the more convenient option at a port of call but the closeness of Azamara Journey to shore today was so much better.  The view was wonderful, too, as the tender boat approached the picturesque old port at the east end of the walled town.

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