Greek Isles & Adriatic Voyage
Monday June 27, 2016

The largest of the Greek islands

It was another 7:00am scheduled arrival time in Chania on the island of Crete so we were up early and had breakfast outside on the Sunset Bar area as Azamara Journey anchored off the coast of Crete's historic Venetian port. It was a beautiful morning with lovely scenery as we enjoyed breakfast. This would be our first visit to the largest and most prosperous of the Greek islands.

Vamos, Karydi Monastery and the old harbour of Chania

This port of call probably was the location we had the most difficulty prior to the cruise planning what to do for the day. In the end we settled on taking a tour that would take us to the village of Vamos with a few points of interest in that general area. We figured that we would have plenty of time to look around Chania itself on our own after the tour. With Azamara Journey anchored off the coast we took a tender to shore to meet up with our tour guide. This particular guide might just be the most memorable of the entire trip - but maybe not for the reasons that should matter. We'd describe her as a combination performance artist/naturopath/plant guru - and that made for an unusual style of tour to say the least. There were clearly some in the group that liked her style. We weren't in that number.

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