Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 5, 2016

Athens to Venice

By the summer of 2016 it had been two and a half years since we last took a cruise vacation and it was time to rectify that! In considering the available itineraries and options it wasn't too surprising to us that we opted to return once again to the Mediterranean and to Azamara Journey for our 2016 summer vacation. Our choice this time was a cruise that would start in Piraeus, Greece (the port city for Athens) and visit a number of Greek Islands and then head to the Adriatic Sea to the final destination of Venice, Italy with stops in Montenegro & Croatia along the way.

We left home in the afternoon of Wednesday May 2 to enjoy a few days pre-cruise in the eternal city of Rome before heading to Azamara Quest docked in Civitavecchia. With the cruise finishing in Barcelona it also gave us the opportunity to extend our trip there a few days post-cruise to see more of that beautiful city before heading home on Friday May 18.

Azamara Journey

This cruise marked the fifth consecutive time that we sailed on Azamara Journey - one of three near identical ships owned and operated by Azamara.

It really has become so far our home on the seas. We first tried Azamara Journey in 2010 because we wanted to try a smaller ship after two cruises on larger vessels with Celebrity Cruises. We loved the experience on the smaller ship. It really did suit us better. When booking some of our subsequent cruises we had actually looked at some other cruise line options - but the combination of available itineraries and service that we knew and loved brought us back to booking again on Azamara Journey.

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