A day on the island of Capri

For the first time on our cruise we woke to overcast conditions in the Naples harbour. We were up before 6:00am so we could grab breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe before our scheduled excursion meeting time of 7:15am. On our previous cruise we toured Pompeii in morning then took in a bit of Naples itself for the afternoon, so we wanted to do something different for this trip and had settled on a trip the island of Capri. Wait a second...just how do you pronounce that?? We have a difference of opinion on this matter (you’ll have to figure out who is who in this debate for yourself)...is it CaPREE or CAPree?? Well, the answer is that in Italian it is actually pronounced CAPree, but it is more often pronounced in English as CaPREE. Does that mean we’re both right?

Anacapri, Mount Solara and Capri

We were assigned to a tour group in the Solstice Theatre and then we walked off the ship and made our way on foot through part of the harbour to get to where a few fairly large jet foil boats were moored. By the time we got on our intended boat it was already quite full, so we didn't have a lot of choice as to where to sit. All the seats with any hint of a view were occupied, leaving us with a couple of centrally located seats near the front of the boat. Our trip took a bit longer than the expected 50 minutes because at one point we stopped completely, then backed up a bit, went forward a bit, went back, went forward...over and over until finally we were back underway. It was hard to figure out what was going on, but Linda overheard one of the crew talking about it after - plastic had been caught up in the propeller and the pilot was manoeuvring the boat back and forth to free it. What he did obviously worked.

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    The benefit of those nauseating few minutes was that when our boat arrived in Capri and we disembarked, it was obvious that it had very recently rained on the island and with our delay we missed it completely! Post-rain, the overcast conditions were clearing and things were looking good for the rest of the day. We were starting at Marina Grande on the north side of the island, and our guide was instructing us to get through the crowed street to an area where small mini buses would arrive. The roads on Capri are too small for regular buses, so our group would have to be split in two to go on smaller vehicles made for the narrow winding roads. We marvelled as our mini bus made its way up the narrow road that twisted up to our destination of Anacapri. There was some roadworks going on, so it made the situation even worse. The driver expertly guided the bus between brick walls on one side and cars, trucks and busses on the other side. It was fascinating to watch as our bus had to make its way past a bus going the other direction - mirrors had to be folded in and maybe it was everyone holding their breath that made the vehicles just skinny enough to pass. Even though this was done at near crawling speeds, it was impressive driving.

    Our mini bus dropped us off at Piazza Vittorria in Anacapri and our group assembled once the other bus arrived. We more or less had total free time in Anacapri and we decided on doing a bit of shop browsing and then taking a chair lift (known as seggiovia) to the highest peak on the island of Capri - Monte Solaro. The chair lift left from Via Caposcuro, close to Piazza Vittoria. The ride up took 12 minutes to reach an elevation of 589 metres above sea level. From this vantage point we should have had a 360° view of the island, but part of the view was obscured by fog. Monte Solaro is also known as Acchiappanuvole (or cloud catcher) because of the thick fog that can form around the peak. On this day, our view to the south was almost completely blanketed. The views we could see were beautiful. After we spent some time up at the peak we made our way back down Monte Solaro to Anacapri before the scheduled time to meet back up with our tour group. It was then one more trip on the mini bus to head back down to the city of Capri. The view in some parts going down was spectacular with the road perched on the edge of the island’s rock face.

    Lunch was planned at Hotel La Residenza in Capri, and it was a nice venue and an enjoyable lunch. The view out the window of the hotel’s restaurant was fabulous. After lunch we did some wandering around and shopping in Capri - some of these shops were very nice. Linda found a beautiful necklace with a polished rock pendant. The rock on the pendant came from Elba island (the island made famous as the exile location of Napoleon) located off the coast of Italy near Tuscany. The meeting point for our group was near Marina Grande which required a 5 minute ride down on a funicular (labeled Funiculare here in Capri) from near La Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I). This inclined rail service runs every 15 minutes and provides a nice view along the way.

    Back down at sea level once again we found a spot to get some refreshing lemon gelato and then made our way to the meet up with our group and then head to the jet foil boat for the return trip to Naples. We had a better selection of seats this time and opted for the more open upper deck with a bit of breeze - which was nicer than the earlier trip to Capri. It was just before 5:00pm when we reached the port in Naples and it was just a matter of walking back to Celebrity Solstice for what would be the last time on this cruise. The ship was due to leave Naples at 6:00pm for its final destination of Civitavecchia.

    Back on board Celebrity Solstice, we took the opportunity go to the Photo Gallery and make our final selections of photographs for the package we had purchased earlier on the cruise. We dropped those off in our room around the time that the ship set sail from Naples. With that, we also took a stroll around to take some final photos of the ship and then ended up at the Martini Bar on Deck 4 for a pleasant drink. One of our favourite servers was here at the Martini Bar - Verginia, and she served again this evening. Our luggage had to be placed outside our room by 11:00pm, so we decided to pack up the majority of our luggage before we went to dinner to make it easier later in the evening.

    For our final dinner onboard it was the Grand Epernay Dining Room. For the other dinners here the table next to us was occupied by Jack and Barbara and for the last half of the cruise a table next to them was occupied by Dave and Linda - a very nice British couple. Jack and Barbara had not had the best of luck or experiences on this cruise and their room that was on the same deck as ours had suffered with a flood in their room and a tremendous amount of inconveniences related to that earlier in the cruise. The flood started in their closet, and affected their clothing as well and the carpet. There wasn’t another available room for them use, so they had to deal with living with the cleanup effort.

    Dave told us that he had seen Jack and Barbara before dinner today and they had suffered another flood in their room and weren’t up for dining this evening. They decided to have a casual dinner at Bistro on 5 instead. So for this evening Dave and Linda moved next to us and we had a enjoyable dinner with them. Both of us selected Entrecôte as our main course and it was a good meal for the final instalment of dining on Celebrity Solstice.

    After dinner we made our way back to our room to put the finishing touches on our luggage. The hallway leading to our room was already quite full of bags and staff were beginning to remove them. It was already past 11:00pm, so we changed and packed the last bits and pieces in the bags and then put them out. We took a walk around the ship; it seemed quiet this evening.

    Our last stop was our favourite Cafe al Bacio for a couple of Carmel Macchiatos as a finishing touch. The server in the cafe this evening was one of our other favourites onboard Celebrity Solstice - Borjana. As we finished off and signed the bill, we realized it was already past midnight - so it was June 26: officially the last day of the cruise.

    We had a wonderful time touring Capri, and the whole day was a nice way to end the cruise. We could both see ourselves making another trip to Capri sometime in the future.

Naples Image Gallery

View from the seggiovia (chair lift) going up Monte Solara in Capri
Linda ahead in the seggiovia going up Monte Solara
In the clouds at the top of Monte Solara, Capri
At the peak of Monte Solara, Capri
Looking towards Mount Vesuvius (Monte Vesuvio)
A traffic cop directing the mini busses at Piazza Vittorria in Anacapri
The view from our lunch spot in Capri
Linda in La Piazzetta, Capri
View of Capri from La Piazzetta
Marina Grande, Capri
The beach near Marina Grande
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