Relaxing indulgences

This was our first day at sea, and even though it was early in the cruise we were ready for a relaxing day - after two days of walking around in the hot summer sun in Venice and Dubrovnik.

With no real time constraints, we decided to try something different for breakfast by going to the Metropolitan Restaurant. It was always open for breakfast, but we never wanted to take the extra time to have our first meal of the day there when we had plans to head to shore. Today was different, so we had an enjoyable breakfast in the main restaurant...well, everything except that stuff they called coffee.

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    We walked around the ship some after breakfast - doing some walking laps on the jogging track on the Sunrise Deck (3 laps around the track was 1 km) then checking out the shopping area, known as The Emporium, on Deck 5 midship.

    At 10:00am we went to a “computer” lecture on digital camera tips, that was good - picked up a few good tips. For lunch we decided to go back to the Metropolitan Restaurant, basically to see what lunch was like at the main restaurant. For both breakfast and lunchtime we were surprised how few people were there. It was an enjoyable lunch.

    A treat for the afternoon was at 2:30pm when we took part in a wine appreciation session with the Head Sommelier. We tasted six different wines and considered/compared the wines based on look (colour), smell (bouquet), taste, acidity and finish. It was fun and informative. Following that we went to Cova Cafe Milano for espressos, and this was the first time that we were served by Zuzana - who quickly became our favourite server at the cafe. We also indulged in some lovely strawberry tarts from the patisseria within the cafe.

    The pace was easy for the day, so we planned to dress early for dinner and then make it to the show beforehand. This evening’s show was “xylophone virtuoso” Ian Finkel backed by the Celebrity Orchestra. A somewhat odd fellow, but it was pretty amazing what he could do on the xylophone. The backing band were awesome once again - and it was easy to tell they were having such a good time playing. Dinner followed - informal this night. The service and food were once again excellent. All in all, a very nice first day at sea.

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