Final stop on our Mediterranean voyage

Our arrival into Barcelona was scheduled for 2:00pm, so we started the day after a sleep-in to 7:00am! For the second day we ordered breakfast in our room - and once again enjoying it on our balcony. In the morning we took a tour of the ship to take some photographs and then spent quite a bit of time in the internet cafe to download and organize our digital photographs and used one of the services available to burn them onto CDs. It was good to have a back-up copy of our photographs to take home - just incase something happened to any of the camera memory cards. Linda went back to the room first to start some of the packing and Gary stayed to finish off the last of the CDs. With most of our luggage packed and ready to go we headed to the Ocean Cafe for lunch.

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  • Monday July 24, 2006

    Afternoon tour of Barcelona

    Our tour of Barcelona was scheduled to leave at 2:30pm but was delayed a little bit while we waited for the ship to be cleared. As we made our way to where we’d met up with our tour guide we found that the port in Barcelona was well organized and well appointed, certainly the best we had encountered on this trip.

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      The first part of our tour was a driving tour through the city. Barcelona is a well organized city with much art, colour and wonderful architecture. It felt like a cool day - the posted temperature was 36°C, a nice break from the +40°C temperatures we had experienced. We traveled up a small mountain to the west of the city called Montjuïc - passing sites used for the 1992 Summer Olympics, including the main stadium and the diving pool. The diving pool was very interesting - the athletes would have had the most incredible view of Barcelona below them as the prepared to make their dives. We stopped on at a lookout point on Montjuïc giving us a fabulous panoramic view of the city.

      We travelled back through the city seeing more of the artistic architecture - especially the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí. We stopped at his most famous building - the unfinished La Sagrada Família - a huge basilica that has been under construction since the 1880s. The most optimistic estimates say it will be finished in 14 years from now, with other estimates saying it will be more like 30 years before it is finished. We had a bit of time to take a look in the shops near La Sagrada Família - and we found some of the nicest souvenirs that we had seen on the entire trip. Our next stop was the Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gotic, built in the 13th century on top of Roman foundations. Some of the original Roman walls and foundations are visible. Within the Gothic Quarter is Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia - built between 1298 and 1454. It is an impressive cathedral - inside and outside.

      We decided to head back to the ship for the evening rather then stay in town. The dress code for the last dinner was casual, and we went back to our room after dinner to put our luggage outside our room as per the instructions we had been given at the start of the day. Final words on Barcelona - it would have been nice to have had a bit more time in Barcelona - it is a beautiful city and well worth visiting. We really did just scratch the surface of this city.

  • Tuesday July 25, 2006

    Heading back to Canada

    Disembarkation day started early - we needed to be ready to leave the ship at 7:50am. After getting ready we went to the Ocean Cafe for breakfast - we could have had breakfast in our stateroom, but it would have been limited to a continental breakfast.

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      After breakfast we decided to take one final walk on the Sunrise Deck. We ran into Isabelle and Lisa as we were walking - so we had one final chat before we had to leave. They had booked a post-cruise package, so they were heading on a tour similar to the one we had yesterday - but theirs would end up at the hotel they would being staying at for a couple of days. We were a bit late heading to the Rendezvous Lounge for 7:50am, but when we reached Deck 4 midship we noticed the English couple Anne and Dave (from our first dinner on board) amoung a number of people - they had the same colour-coded tags as us, so it was our group heading to the appointed gangway - we just joined them.

      We collected our luggage at a carousel in the port terminal building and carried them to the exit of the building. There our luggage was loaded into a truck to be take to the airport. We boarded our appointed bus and waited until it was full. We arrived at the airport at about 9:15am - well ahead of the scheduled flight departure time of 12:50pm. We were dropped off too far away from the terminal building we needed to reach, so we had a fair walk with our luggage. That could have been handled better. Once checked-in we went through security and found that the Barcelona Airport had a lot of nice shops and places to get refreshments. We walked, shopped and found a spot for a decent cup of coffee. Unlike the trip to Venice, this trip was pretty much uneventful - just too long.

      Our Lufthansa flight took us to Frankfurt where we had a couple of hours before we took another Lufthansa flight to Chicago. To get to Chicago, we had to fly over Ontario first - then once in Chicago we had another two hour wait before taking a United Airlines flight back to Toronto. Our trip home should have been much shorter. We took a limousine from the Airport in Toronto and made it to our home at about 12:30am - our vacation was officially over.

Barcelona Image Gallery

Celebrity Millennium docked in Barcelona
Overlooking Barcelona from Montjuïc
Overlooking Barcelona from Montjuïc
Linda on Montjuïc
The Passion Facade of Sagrada Família
Construction of Sagrada Família started in 1882
Detail on the Passion Facade of Sagrada Família
Constrast in styles of the still under construction Sagrada Família
Barcelona Cathedral in Old Town
Barcelona Cathedral
Fountain in the Atrium of Barcelona Cathedral
Morning view of Barcelona from Celebrity Millennium
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