Our home for the 6th cruise with Azamara

After five successive cruises on Azamara Journey we switched it up just a little bit by selecting a cruise in 2018 on its sister ship Azamara Quest. We made the choice of this cruise based on itinerary and time of year, but once we made the choice we were pleased with the prospect of seeing what differences if any there may be between the two virtually identical ships. In August of 2018 these two ships were joined by another near identical ship named Azamara Pursuit and the fourth near identical ship named Azamara Onward is set to start sailing in 2022. The ships are owned and operated by Azamara. At the time of our sailing Azamara was a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd but as of the beginning of 2021 it was sold to private equity firm Sycamore Partners.

Our cruise choice for 2018 was a Mediterranean cruise that sailed from Rome to Barcelona with a few ports of call that would be new to us even though we had cruised in the region four times previously. We did look at alternatives when planning a cruise vacation, but in the end our familiarity with Azamara, the itinerary and a schedule that suited us well made selecting this cruise on Azamara Quest an easy choice.

Voyage on Azamara Quest

Azamara Quest Image Gallery

Mediterranean 2018 - Arrival at our stateroom on Azamara Quest docked in Civitavecchia
Mediterranean 2018 - A rainy departure from Civiravecchia made nicer with sparkling wine
Mediterranean 2018 - The view from Mosaic Café on Azamara Quest
Mediterranean 2018 - Azamara Quest anchored off the coast of Amalfi, Italy
Mediterranean 2018 - The Drawing Room on Deck 10
Mediterranean 2018 - A tender being prepared - viewed from our balcony
Mediterranean 2018 - Looking across the Pool Deck on the approach to Giardini Naxos, Italy
Mediterranean 2018 - The Living Room on Deck 10
Mediterranean 2018 - Looking across the Pool Deck while docked in Valletta, Malta
Mediterranean 2018 - Azamara Quest docked in Valletta, Malta
Mediterranean 2018 - Discoveries Restaurant
Mediterranean 2018 - Azamara Quest docked in Ajaccio, Corsica
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