Friday July 18 to Friday July 25, 2008

A week in beautiful Bermy

We flew to Bermuda early in the morning on July 18, 2008, arriving at mid day at Fairmont Southampton - our home base for 7 nights while in Bermuda. The property for the Fairmont Southampton included a golf course, its own private beach and 6 very nice restaurants. A key plan and feature of our Bermudian vacation was relaxing at the beach. The Fairmont Southampton had a nice private beach with all the amenities close at hand. A short walk from this beach was Horseshoe Bay: one of the world’s more famous beaches and reportedly Bermuda’s best beach.

The time wasn’t all spent relaxing on the beach. We did travel the island to see what it had to offer - including: a day of touring Bermuda’s current capital city of Hamilton that included the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and enjoying the general sights of the city; a visit to the Town of St. George at the Northeastern tip of the island (Bermuda’s capital until 1815 and is smaller and more quaint than the current capital of Hamilton); a night time glass bottom boat cruise off the coast of Bermuda; a tour of the Royal Naval Dockyard on the Northwest tip of the island (built by the Royal Engineers in 1809 for use as an outpost for the Royal Navy); a visit to Crystal & Fantasy Caves - one of the must see places of Bermuda; a round of golf and a tour of Gibbs Lighthouse (the world’s oldest cast iron lighthouse).

The week turned out to be very relaxing and enjoyable in a beautiful island setting - giving us some wonderful memories and thoughts that we may just need to return to Bermuda in the future.

Bermuda Image Gallery

The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda
One of the views from our room at Fairmont Southampton
The Ocean Club at the east end of Southampton Beach
Linda outside at the Ocean Club
Fairmont Hamilton Princess
View from the Royal Naval Dockyard
Heading out for a night cruise on a glass bottom boat
Linda & Gary inside Fantasy Cave
Fantasy Cave
The Unfinished Church in St. George
Along the South Shore, near the Fairmont Southampton
Gary playing golf in Bermuda
Relaxing on Southampton Beach
Relaxing on Southampton Beach
Relaxing on Southampton Beach
Northeast view from Gibbs Lighthouse towards Hamilton
Horseshoe Bay
Sunset viewed from our room's balcony
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