Thailand & Vietnam Voyage
Thursday December 5, 2013

China Beach

Following our two days in Ho Chi Minh City we had another day at sea while we travelled north along the coast of Vietnam to our next port of call - Da Nang in central Vietnam. This was the shortest stop at any port on the cruise - with arrival scheduled for 7:45am and departure set for 5:30pm on the same day - so no overnight stay in this port.

A relaxed walking tour of Hoi An

Our plan for the day was to make a 20 km trip out of Da Nang to visit Hoi An - a town recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site for being a well preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port from the period between the 15th to 19th centuries. It is interesting to note that the town’s preservation came as a result of silt build up in the My Tho River heading to Hoi An during the latter part of the 19th century: the silt made boat access to the port difficult and so it stopped being an active trading port. Chances are it would be a very different town today had it continued as an active port location.

Da Nang Image Gallery

Hoi An's Japanese covered bridge known locally as Cau Nhat Ban
Quaint Hoi An
Boats along the Thu Bon River at Hoi An, Vietnam
View along the Thu Bon River in Hoi An Vietnam
Fujian Assembly Hall (Phuc Kien)
Outside Fujian Assembly Hall (Phuc Kien)
View from the balcony of Hoi An's Museum of Trade Ceramics
Inside the Museum of Trade Ceramics
Market in Hoi An
Some of the local produce available at the market
A sample of some of the fish for sale at the market in Hoi An
Nice spot for a refreshing glass of wine in Hoi An
A nice French rose and some time for people watching while at the White Marble Restaurant & Wine Bar
Our most memorable interaction with a street vendor in Hoi An was with this person
Every boat we saw in Vietnam had eyes painted at the front
Some of the many handcrafted silk lanterns made and for sale in Hoi An
Heading across the Thu Bon River
One of the sales people at a stop on the way back to the port at Da Nang
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