Year 1: Gallery 4

Here are some more photos of Raechel.

This is the fourth of five galleries for her first year; the other galleries can be accessed by the Raechel's Pages menu above or the navigation links below the image gallery.

Raechel's Year 1 Image Gallery 4

Raechel with Mommy at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm
Cousins and Second Cousins
Saturday morning swim with Daddy
6 months old! August 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
With Mommy & Daddy at the doctor's for the six month visit
A look of concern over the oatmeal?
First feeding of something other than milk
Snoozing on a stroll with Mommy
Raechel & friends
A brand new perspective while shopping
Apple picking with Daddy
Enjoying being at the table in a high chair
7 months old! September 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
Standing at the coffee table
A selfie photo session with Uncle Mick
Pretty sure she doesn't really love Arsenal; #COYS
8 months old! October 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
Raechel and Penny lounging around
The cutest little Unicorn
Happy Halloween - October 31, 2017
Raechel with Santa
Raechel with Grandma
9 months old! November 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
Raechel with new friend Rudolph
Looking so cute, even in the wrong team's clothes #COYS
10 months old! December 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
Christmas Eve with Penny
Showing some love to a moose . . . in a box
Helping Daddy open a present
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