Year 1: Gallery 2

Here are some more photos of Raechel.

This is the second of five galleries for her first year; the other galleries can be accessed by the Raechel's Pages menu above or the navigation links below the image gallery.

Raechel's Year 1 Image Gallery 2

Chillin with uncle Mick
Happy birthday, Grandma
1 month old! March 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
6 weeks old
Lounging with Daddy
Freshly bathed and keeping an eye on Penny the cat
6 1/2 weeks old
All ready to party
Play date with new friend Neeve
First time to roll on her side
Ready for the trip to see Grandma & Grandad
2 months old! April 20, 2017 #milestoneblanket
Happy girl
Some face to face time with Mommy
Daddy's girl
Post-bath dry
A new friend
Visiting with Grandma
Finger munching is serious business
Looking cool in baby shades
Drooly smile time
Good morning smiles
Tummy time on the floor with Daddy
Close up on Raechel and friends
Raechel and friends
Happy Mother's Day - May 14, 2017
Pretty in pink
Such a big smile
Enjoying the warm weather outside with Daddy
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