Our Granddaughter

Our Second Grandchild

Miriam Olive White is our second grandchild - born on December 21, 2020 to happy second time parents Matt & Lauren. We all know how challenging 2020 was with a global pandemic, but it ended for us with such joy with Miriam's birth.

The image gallery on this page shows some of the recent photos of Miriam. We will update this page with new photos regularly.

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Updated: January 24, 2021

Miriam's Latest Image Gallery

Here she is: Miriam Olive White, born December 21, 2020
Miriam at the hospital
All ready to head home from the hospital
First day home with big sister Raechel
Snooze time for Miriam
Miriam & Raechel
And then there were four
Awesome expression in Mommy's arms
Miriam with Daddy
Rocking some first Christmas gear
Best gift indeed - with healthy lungs it seems
A kiss from big sister Raechel
Heading out for a checkup
A peaceful moment
A happy girl
Tummy time
Rocking some nice home fashion
Looking cute and working on that neck strength
1 month old! January 21, 2021 #milestoneblanket
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