A glimspe of Lauren

Lauren is the wife of our oldest son Matthew. They met in the fall of 2006 during their first year at university and have been married since October 2014. You can see more info and photos from their wedding on their wedding page.

Here are a few photos of Lauren starting with her being just a few days old up to a maternity photo shoot that Matt & Lauren had done in the fall of 2016.

We will update this page with new and old photos from time to time. The date of the last update is shown below.

Updated: February 22, 2017

Lauren's Image Gallery

Lauren Nicole Crawford at 5 days old
Enjoying a swing at 9 months old
Lauren with her dad Paul
Out in the snow at about 14 months old
The Strawberry Queen of 1990
Lauren at about 19 months old with her sister Marissa
Loving the time at the pool
Lauren at 2 years old with her sister Lindsey
Lauren at 2 years, 1 month
Lauren & fuzzy friend in April 1991
Lauren in May 1991
Lauren with big sister Marissa at Centre Island in August 1991
On the carousel at Centre Island with sister Lindsey
Christmas 1991
Lauren and brother Aaron on dad Paul's shoulders
Lauren with her family at Niagara Falls in the spring of 1992
Picking strawberries in the summer of 1992
Lauren in October 1996
Lauren with her sister Lindsey and brother Aaron at Fort York in July 1997
Lauren faux boating with her brother Aaron & sister Lindsey in October 1998
Lauren & Matt in April 2008
Lauren, Mike & Matt in some instense Guitar Hero action in July 2008
Linda & Lauren at a coffee shop in Toronto prior to a wedding reception in August 2009
Playing 'Things in a Box' - Christmas 2009
Dressed as a scarecrow for 'Trunk or Treat' at Elevation Church in 2012
Lauren on her wedding day - October 24, 2014
Lauren & Matt during their maternity photo shoot - October 2016
Lauren at the maternity shoot - October 2016
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