Looking back through the White house archives

A look back in time

This page should give you a glimpse of us and from where we came. In selecting the photos to display it was obvious that we'd only be able to pick a fraction of the available historic images from the White house archives.

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    The banner image is taken from a particular favourite family photo of Gary's - showing his dad Ted (Edward Victor White) playing the drum during a Boys Brigade parade in 1951 together with his older brother Roy, also on drum, and younger twin brothers Mick on flute and Alan on cymbals. The image location is outside St Alban's Fulham on Margravine Road in Fulham, London.

    Gary is a first generation Canadian with his family roots extending back in his birth country of England. The heritage for Linda (Linda Grace White, née Carr) can be traced back many generations in Canada but originally hailing from Ireland & Scotland on her dad's side and England on her mom's side.

We will update this page from time to time when we unearth some other historical artifacts and show the date of the last update below.

Updated: March 13, 2021 (gallery style updated - no images changed)

Ancient History Image Gallery

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