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One trip to Zambia for 2010

Gary made just one trip to Zambia in 2010 - to Mufulira in the Copperbelt Province. The trip was to support some ongoing work at the Mufulira Smelter of Mopani Copper Mines. On this trip he was joined by colleagues Sam Ishak & Alireza Tannazi. With a bit more lead time for this trip than for some of the other work trips to Zambia it gave the opportunity to arrange a little personal time at the end of the trip to visit Victoria Falls before flying back home to Canada.

We aren't able to display any of the actual work-related photographs from this trip - so collected here are some of the photos from outside of smelter and the weekend excursion to Victoria Falls at the end of the trip.

The only downside to the timing of the trip to Victoria Falls was that it would be during the low flow season of the falls - so it wouldn't be the spectacular massive flow that is generally associated with the falls. Interestingly, a local resident told Gary that one should really plan to visit the falls four times to see the four distinct variations of the flow.

For this time of year the water flow over Victoria Falls was about 10% of the maximum flow in April and it looked as though about half of the rock face was dry. This made it possible to walk along stretches of the edge of the falls from the east end. It wasn't possible to walk entirely along the edge because water was still flowing at some points and other areas would be too dangerous, but the walk provided some wonderful views.

To the east of Livingstone Island there was a stretch of moist ground that was protected for environmental reasons - so it wasn't possible to walk all the way to Livingstone Island. Gary and his colleagues could see a group of tents on the east side of Livingstone Island that they'd later go to at the end of a boat trip to Livingstone Island and a jump in the Devil's Pool next to the Main Falls.


Looking towards Livingstone Island from the west limit of the walk along the dry portion of Victoria Falls

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Jumping in the Devil's Pool of Victoria Falls

Between September and December of each year while Victoria Falls is at low flow it is possible to experience something quite spectacular - jumping in the Devil's Pool right next to the Main Falls. A naturally formed rock barrier between Livingstone Island and the Main Falls creates an eddy with only a fraction of the current of the flow over the Main Falls. With Gary's trip timed for the end of November it provided an opportunity to experience this incredible thrill. As well as jumping into the pool and getting carried to the rock barrier he was also able to lie on the edge of the rock barrier with his head over the edge of the 108 metre tall falls. It was exhilarating. There isn't any photo evidence of that last activity - the guides were unwilling to take photos of that because of the negative reaction that the local guides had been receiving over some photos shared online.


To finish off the experience the group went back to Livingstone Island for refreshments - and Gary thought it was fitting to enjoy a G&T with the light bites in the incredible setting of Livigstone Island by the falls known in the local native tongue of Tonga as Mosi-oa-Tunya - translated as the Smoke that Thunders. It was near dusk as we made our way back on a small boat to the Royal Livingstone Hotel and the timing gave the opportunity to see quite a few hippos in the water on the route back.

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