Classic British Cars at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Sunday September 16, 2012

The 29th annual British Car Day

Gary and his friend Shaun Browne broke from their plan of an every other year attendance at British Car Day to attend the 29th edition of the event having previously attended British Car Day in both 2011 & 2009.

As it had been on the previous two British Car Days - it was another glorious sunny September day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park: perfect for strolling around the display of British cars.

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    Gary arrived at the park a bit earlier than the scheduled meeting time, but that did give him the opportunity to watch the arrival procession of many of the British cars heading to their designated spots in the park. He found it terrific to stand at the side of the gravel road to watch the cars file in. The sights and sounds were awesome. Nostalgic, to be sure. With people in the cars, it was also striking to see just how small some of these cars were - positively tiny compared to even compact cars of today.

    The recipient of Gary's car of the show would go to a 1952 Alvis TB 21 - a very nice two seater convertible. This was the first time that Gary had ever seen a car made by Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd of Coventry, England. They were only in business from 1919 until 1967. A sign next to the TB 21 indicated that it was one of 23 remaining of this model from the original 31 produced and was the only one in Canada. It did win the best in its class. A close second choice for Gary would be a lovely dark blue 1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster. It was impressive and it, too, won best in its class. Third choice for Gary would be a 1948 Bentley Mark VI. This car had caught Gary's eye first thing in the morning as he watched it arrive on its way to Bentley row marked out in the field of Bronte Creek Provincial Park. This car didn't place in the judging in its class, but it was still Gary's favourite Bentley of the day and his third favourite of all cars on display.

    Going to British Car Day in back to back years did have a bit of a drawback - a sense of familiarity with many of the cars on display. There were exceptions to that, but it did seem to Gary & Shaun that maybe the every other year concept was a better plan after all. The day was still enjoyable - a great way to spend a late summer Sunday.

2012 British Car Day Image Gallery

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