Classic British Cars at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Sunday September 18, 2011

The 28th annual British Car Day

Gary returned with his friend Shaun Browne to the 28th annual British Car Day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville on a beautiful Sunday nearing the end of summer.

It was a great day, but it did appear that the number of cars on display was down from the previous visit to the show. Also, more cars appeared to be for sale. Perhaps the economy had hurt the vintage/hobby car community. There was, though, still plenty to see and experience throughout the morning and afternoon.

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    Gary met up with Shaun at about 9:30am, a bit ahead of the official start time - which made it good for watching some of the cars enter the park. As before, Gary had passed a number of vintage British cars as he drove to Bronte Creek. First up for the day after watching some of the cars arrive was a stop at a mobile coffee shop to get a measure of java for the day then off to see the vintage Jaguars. For this initial look at the Jaguars there was still quite a bit of space - we had arrived ahead of at least one row of E-Type Jags (the Jaguar model most represented at BCD - appropriate for the year of the 50th anniversary of the beloved two-seater).

    As in previous years, the cars were grouped together by brand/model, so as the morning progressed more and more cars were being directed to their appropriate location. Was interesting to note that there was a large police presence this year - much more than Gary & Shaun had seen previously in 2009. The cars were judged in a number of classes, but Gary & Shaun decided to leave before the results were announced on site at the end of the afternoon. It took a couple of weeks for the results to be posted online for us to see which cars won in each of the classes.

    Regardless of the official results, by Gary and Shaun’s unofficial but never the less important judging the G&S “car of the show” was a 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III that both thought was truly spectacular. A small badge on the side of the car indicated that the coach work had been done by Henry (rather than Henri) Binder of Paris, France. The owner of the car A.W.J. Davidson from Bolton also had a 1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II on display, but the newer model was the far more impressive vehicle. We found out later that it was also selected as the official car of the show.

    Besides the fancy Roller, the other highlight of the day was touring the row of Minis, with one particular Mini standing out - its engine modifications taking it to at least 130HP. The owner had planned to get it measured later this year. Is hard to imagine 130HP in a car so small and light. The owner mentioned that he has to lightly feather the throttle from a standing start otherwise the tires would just spin.

    Suffice to say that the whole day was a lot of fun.

2011 British Car Day Image Gallery

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