Classic British Cars at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Sunday September 18, 2016

The 33rd annual British Car Day

It had been four years since Gary had attended the annual British Car Day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, so when his friend Shaun Browne suggested checking out this year's event it seemed like a good idea for the final weekend before the end of summer.

There had been a threat of rain for the day, but that turned out to be nothing to worry about - it was a beautiful day to wander around the park looking at both the classic and not so classic cars from Britain.

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    Unlike previous trips to British Car Day, Gary & Shaun planned to arrive at the park just after noon rather than when the gates opened to the public in the morning. With the benefit of hindsight after the fact we can say that the afternoon arrival was probably not the best idea. A number of the display cars had already left the park and there was a constant small trickle of classic British cars following suit. That gave a very different feel from the moment of first arrival. It was odd in that the results of the judging had not yet been announced - so cars were leaving before they heard, unless the owners already knew the results before they were announced publicly. It is hard to say for sure if the number of cars on display had been on par with previous years because of those that had already left, but Gary's impression was that there probably had been fewer cars on display this year. Gary did see a couple of classic British cars stopped on the shoulder of the highway on his drive to meet Shaun - presumably those cars had been on their way to British Car Day but never made it.

    There were still plenty of cars to be seen and enjoyed - some that Gary & Shaun had seen before and some new to them. For Gary, the most memorable car from this 33rd British Car Day was a 1933 Morgan Super Sport 3-Wheeler that wasn't in pristine condition but had so much character. It looked like an everyday working car transported in time directly from 1933. There was something compelling about it. Interestingly, it was located not too far away from the row of DeLorean DMC12s - the vehicle known now mostly for its role as a time machine in the Back to the Future movies. Maybe that contributed to Gary's thoughts on the Morgan. That car did win best car in its class. Second favourite for Gary would be the car that won 'Best of Show' - a beautiful 1949 Triumph TRA 2000 Roadster. The Triumph deserved to win the prize for best of this year's entrants but the Morgan was still Gary's fav of the day. His third fav would be a very nice 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV. Gary is a huge fan of Aston Martin cars - and a lover of this model in particular when Aston Martin switched from the grid style front grill on the DB 4 Series III to the bar style front grill on the Series IV. A small change with a huge impact on the look of the car. It, too, won best car in its class.

    That's not to say there weren't a lot of other great cars to see - there were, of course, lots of wonderful British classics even without those that had left the park early. A good afternoon in the late summer sun.

    Quite right.

Previous British Car Days

Gary & Shaun have attended three previous British Car Days at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

2016 British Car Day Image Gallery

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