Mastering the Digital Workflow
Thursday September 30 to Sunday October 3, 2010

Landscape Photography Workshop

Gary & Linda travelled to Algonquin Provincial Park on September 30 to October 3, 2010 with friends Shaun & Nona. Gary & Shaun had enrolled in a photography workshop called Algonquin Park Fall Colours - Mastering the Digital Workflow led by landscape photographer Andrew Collett.

Incidentally, Gary and Shaun were part of a group of seven people taking this workshop at Algonquin Provincial Park...hmmm, something familiar sounding about that.

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    We made the 300km trip up to Algonquin Provincial Park on Thursday morning to be there in plenty of time for Gary & Shaun to attend the course orientation and overview that started at 4:00pm. Everyone booked for the course was also booked to stay at Algonquin Inn - and that was the location for all of the workshop sessions except, of course, the trips out to take photographs.

    The first photography session was actually outside of Algonquin Park and in hindsight turned out to be Gary's favourite location of the entire workshop. In the light of the setting sun the shoot location was along the Oxtongue River near Algonquin Park. The hands on teaching on how to take better landscape photographs that Andrew provided starting at this session was excellent and something that Gary has kept in mind ever since. That photography session was also the first of a series of shoots in the golden sunlight hours near sunset or dawn.

    Friday morning started very early to get some pre-dawn shots at the Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin Provincial Park. The goal was take some pre-dawn photos and be perfectly placed to get some sunrise shots over the lake. The overcast weather put a damper on the latter, but it was still and valuable photo session in with dealing with the conditions. One of Gary's favourite photos is from this shoot: a 30 second exposure pre-dawn shot with the early morning fog hanging over the Lake of Two Rivers that is almost colourless and was perfect to convert to black & white. After the morning photo shoot the workshop continued with a teaching session on how best to process these digital images.

    Saturday follow the same format as Friday with some different shooting locations around Algonquin Provincial Park for both sunrise & sunset with some teaching on the digital workflow back at the Algonquin Inn on the digital workflow in between the photo shoots. After the Sunday sunrise shoot we had one final session with an opportunity for Andrew to critique our images taken and processed over the weekend. Was a valuable session.

    The only down side for the weekend was that the weather wasn't completely conducive for landscape photography, but we there was enough opportunity to take shots and learn how to take better shots - so all in all it was an enjoyable and informative weekend. Gary has definitely changed how he goes about photography since taking this workshop.

Fall Colours Image Gallery

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