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First couple of the White House north of the border.


The largest section of WHITEonline. We have descriptions and photo galleries for our vacations going back to the first cruise vacation that we took to the Mediterranean in 2006.

New vacations will be added as we take them and hopefully some of our older vacations will be added once we unearth the details from the White house digital and analog archives.

Latest Update to Travel: Mediterranean 2018

Our most recent vacation was also a Mediterranean cruise from Thursday May 3 to Friday May 18, 2018.

The main draw for this particular itinerary was being in Monaco for two days for the Grand Prix Historique of Monaco race weekend featuring vintage Formula 1 and other vintage race cars on the street circuit two weeks before the Formula One race weekend.

We began the vacation with a couple of days in Rome, Italy before boarding the Azamara Quest docked in nearby Civitavecchia to start the cruise. After the cruise we extended the trip a few days to enjoy some time in Barcelona, Spain before heading home to Canada.


This is our in-between section - for things we don’t think quite fit in our Travel or Family sections. A useful place. We have descriptions and photo galleries for some of our events and special occasions.

New events will be added as we take part in them and hopefully some of our older events will be added once we unearth the details from the White house digital and analog archives.


The section of WHITEonline that is about us: Gary & Linda White.

We have two adult sons - Matthew & Michael. Our oldest son Matthew has been married to Lauren, née Crawford, since 2014. Their first daughter Raechel was born on February 20, 2017 and their second daughter Miriam was born on December 21, 2020 - our two grandchildren.

Collected here are some family photos. This section is a work in progress; more will be added!


Our blog entries can be on just about anything…but chances are they will more likely be on travel, photography, food & wine or the development of this website! Good to muse sometimes.

2018-03-31 | Photography | Review

At the start of 2018 I took the plunge on a new iPhone X - opting for the 256GB silver version to replace my iPhone 6. The camera specs were definitely something that interested me and gave me some thoughts on using my iPhone X more as a camera than I had previously with the iPhone 6. Would it be what I expected? That is the question.

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WHITEonline is the digital home of Gary & Linda White. We’ve been married since 1980 and live just outside Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Linda was born and raised in Toronto while Gary was born in London, England and moved to Canada at the age of 11. We enjoy travelling and taking photos while we travel. WHITEonline provides the opportunity to share some of our photos & experiences.

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